AppSec Europe

OWASP AppSec Europe

  • Cutting-edge topics presented by renowned security professionals from industry and academia.
  • Training and speeches on a variety of security topics including: web security, mobile security, cloud security, vulnerability analysis, defence and much more
  • Premier gathering place for executives from Fortune Global 500 companies and technology thought leaders
  • Group sessions, panel discussions, workshops and learning opportunities for developers, business owners and security experts

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The UK Cambridge chapter invites you to join top security architects, developers, technology thought leaders, and executives from Fortune 500 firms to the OWASP AppSec Europe global conference in the beautiful city of Cambridge, UK from June 23-26 2014. This conference is an opportunity to hear about the latest research on a myriad of topics related to web security, as well as establish connections between developers, security experts, and business leaders who are all stakeholders in ensuring applications are as secure as possible.

OWASP is the foremost web app security organisation in the world, with thousands of members globally, including some of the biggest names in the industry. The goals of OWASP are to make web applications safe and to educate users, developers, governments, and business leaders on how to protect vulnerable information and avoid dangerous hacks that can cost millions of pounds to fix. Our members freely dedicate their time and knowledge to this effort and our conferences have become must-attend events for those interested in protecting private information.


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