Winner of Women in Appsec

Katharine_BrylskiKatharine Brylski is currently a master student in Computer Science at the University of Paderborn (Germany). She graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science at the University of Paderborn in cooperation with Siemens, where she got first practical experiences in programming web applications. While studying at the University of Paderborn she got in touch with application and information security. Being highly interested in the field of IT security she decided to use her bachelor thesis to deepen her knowledge in this area. Within this work, she analyzed the security of a web application of her university by using a systematically developed penetration testing concept for detecting vulnerabilities which she created on her own. Her analysis focused on the 10 most critical security risks for web applications (according to the “OWASP Top 10″) and on the evaluation of the identified weaknesses. Furthermore Mrs. Brylski is working as a student assistant in the field of IT security at Wincor Nixdorf since 2012. She is not only responsible for the vulnerability scanning of server and client environment but also for the risk assessment as well as for providing solutions for the removal of those vulnerabilities.

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